Everything you need in one place

Everything you need in one place

How it looks

Everything you need to start trading today. No experience required.

Short & Long Term Signals

Compatible with Binary Options, Scalping, Spread Betting, CFD's

The short term signals are controlled via trend following algorithms with strict filters and market behaviour analytics.

The long term signals are sent manually through our trading team and include full entries, profit targets and stop losses. Our trading team analyze over 14 currency pairs.

How it works

Real Personal Trading Assistance

Links directly via our trading team to assist you throughout the day on-demand

Are you new to trading and not sure where to start? Do you need a coach? Perhaps you have been trading for a while and simply look to improve or speak with other professionals alike for more advice and input?

Get live 1-2-1 coaching, training and advice throughout the day directly in-app. Ask the team anything you want and we will be there to assist. This type of service does not exist in the marketplace and hiring a mentor is very expensive.

How it works

Real-world Forex learning

Our traders submit their technical analysis for learning purposes & copy trades

Learn strategies and real-world application on these trading techniques rather than just learning theory. You may even replicate the analysis and copy the trades to gain profit alongside our team.

Each long term signal will always have an accompanying analysis chart. This is the perfect chance to learn while you profit as well as asking the team questions for the analysis.

How it works

Forex Training

Video guides and strategies made by our team of traders

Gain access to a full library of guides and tutorials on trading the markets. Videos range from basics such as indicator tutorials - to intermediate guides such as covering price action formation - to advanced strategies such as incorporating harmonic trading patterns into your analysis.

Members may also request videos on specific topics not yet covered. We fulfill all requests in under a week.

How it works

Market Analytics

24/7 notifications of market conditions

The behavior analytics algorithm detects correlative trends and stability of an asset. The correlative trends work by analyzing all relative pairs towards one asset. The stability readings work by assessing micro price movements and price action. In real-time, the algorithm will cross reference the current behavior characteristics with our scenario bank to determine if the asset is stable, unstable or indecisive.

The correlation part of the analytics focuses on correlation coefficients within Forex intended for advanced traders. In our proprietary technology, the readings determine which assets are moving in correlative rates such as the EUR is moving very similarly as the GBP at similar rates and volatility.

How it works

Web Dashboard

Web access to all App features made available to all members

Easily access all the signals, training material & your personal trading assistant through our new web interface. The dashboard is also updated live with full notifications both via visual notifications & sound.

Live Results Tracker

Synchronized with the app in real-time. Times shown are in GMT+0. Additional live results can be found via our twitter media page.

Asset Direction Closed Result P/L

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What to expect

Realistic Win-rates

Get up to 70% Winrate with our short term trading signals and up to 80% winrates with our professional forecasts sent manually from our traders. Below you can see a snapshot of what to expect. All real results sent directly from our trading accounts and live charts.

What our clients say

Binary Options client forex

Euros J. E. - Founder, Tanabi Group

"I have used the service over the last few months and I can highly recommend the app on its simplicity and ease of use for a novice trader. The daily forecasting makes this a valuable tool for keeping in sync with the current market conditions."
CFD trading client

Ben J. - CEO, Prime Loops

"It's great to connect with the team and get help whenever you need it. I really like how the assistance is personal. Really feels like there is a team behind you that wants to work with you to succeed. Such a different experience as to other services out there."
New Spread Betting client

Yiannis F. - Property Investor

"Even in my first week, the guys were super helpful to get me going having zero prior experience. I must have spent hours talking with my assistant. Made my first profit by the 2nd week, highly recommended."
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